Man Who Put Up Sign Against Biden Told To Take It Down
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

OVID TOWNSHIP – A Branch County man who had a sign in his yard using a profane word feels he is being shamed into taking it down.

According to WWMT, Ovid Township resident Chad Heuer had a banner up in his front yards that said “F*** Biden, and F*** You For Voting For Him!” Ovid Township officials say they received a dozen complaints during the week of May 3. The sign was still up as of June 14, and Heuer says none of his neighbors have directly contacted him about removing the banner.

Heuer says he was really upset that Ovid Township Supervisor Greg Gemmill reached out to WWMT about the sign, and never contacted him. He said he received threats against his family because of the sign. According to Ovid Township Zoning Administrator Robert Hawley, he sent a letter to Heuer on April 27 regarding the Township's ordinance about signs. Heuer says he didn't receive the letter until May 12, six days after WWMT aired the original story. The letter also said Heuer had 30 days to address the violation, otherwise he would be issued a municipal civil citation and legal action would begin. The Township sent a second notice on June 8.

Heuer attended the Ovid Township meeting Monday night to address the Township Board of Trustees. He claimed they were trying to shame him into taking the sign down. Heuer said he was angry and the Township should be ashamed. Gemmill shared during the meeting that he talked to Heuer a few times via telephone after the May 6 story was broadcast. He also said he asked Heuer to take down the sign, and that many of the calls against the sign were from Republicans, and not just Biden supporters. Gemmill says he respects Heuer's right to his opinion, but not the way he expressed it.