Teacher Salary Boost Voted Down Thursday
Friday, January 17, 2020

Two Democratic bills that would fund raises for teachers were voted down along party lines Thursday.

State Senator Karen Tallian offered her Senate Bill (SB) 306 as an amendment to House Bill (HB) 1007, which is the governor’s bill to cash fund projects that were bonded in the budget approved last April.

State Senator Eddie Melton offered his Senate Bill 413, a complimentary proposal, as an amendment to HB 1007 in the committee.

Melton said “Since HB 1007 opens the budget, there was no better time to fight to add more money for teacher salaries than to offer my teacher compensation bill as a committee amendment.”

The proposal would have added $100 million to the Teacher Appreciation Grant (TAG) so teachers could see more money immediately this school year. It would also ensure that teachers would continue to see extra money in TAG in the second year of the current budget.”

Both amendments were voted down by the committee along party lines 8-4.