Branch Co. Sheriff’s Department Releases More On Quincy Dog Shooting
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

QUINCY, MI – The Branch County Sheriff’s Department has released
more information on an incident that resulted in a dog being shot.

On May 21, Sheriff’s Deputies along with the Coldwater Police were helping the Quincy Police execute a search warrant at a Quincy Township home on East U.S. 12, as officers were looking for drugs.

When the deputies and Coldwater Police officers came in through the front door, an aggressive dog met them and bit one of the officers on the left hand.

Officers were not able to control the dog and they shot it. The dog survived the incident.

While this was going on, Sergeant Matthew Schoenauer with the Coldwater
Police sustained a gunshot wound to his left foot, which came from a Sheriff’s Deputies’ firearm. The injury was not life threatening and Schoenauer was treated and released that day from ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital.

The Sheriff’s Department and Coldwater Police are continuing with the
investigation of the incident.