Carra Introduces Plan To Prevent Vaccine-Based Discrimination
Friday, May 7, 2021

LANSING – Bipartisan legislation has been introduced to prevent vaccine based discrimination in Michigan and to protect medical choice.

State Representative Steve Carra has introduced bipartisan legislation to prevent state and local vaccine mandates and make sure individuals who have not been vaccinated do not experience discrimination.

The plan consists of House Bills 4789 through 4794, sponsored by Carra and other State Representatives from both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The proposal would prohibit state government agencies from requiring a person to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to access public property or receive a government service. An individual could initiate a civil lawsuit against an agency or local government that violates this prohibition.

The bills would also prevent an employer from requiring employees or job applicants to disclose their vaccination or immunity status, or from retaliating or discriminating in employment practice based on vaccination or immunity status. The plan would also eliminate the option to have the Secretary of State include immunization data on a driver's license or state identification card.

Carra, a Republican from Three Rivers, says in recent weeks some government officials have proposed requiring vaccine passports for basic everyday activities. However, Carra says Michigan residents should be able to make the best health care decisions for themselves, in cooperation with their doctors.